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A design house for cats cats + design = curiosity

This object is proposed as a model of interaction human / animal and as a piece of furniture, indoor or outdoor, for design lovers.
Tilla, designed to fit a cat and designed to accommodate a maximum number of 3 "tenants", allows our little friends to stimulate and satisfy their innate instinct of curiosity.
The Design is shared between the man and the cat and leads the curiosity to discover a sculptural, sinuous, free, unpredictable object that is ready to mold itself to different uses for men and for cats.
The ā€œSā€ section of the shell undergoes a series of plastic and dynamics deformations that reveal 3 independent spaces in 3 different floors and with 3 entrances. Everything to ensure different perspectives and stimulate the curiosity of discovery. The first level is suitable as a seat for the man, who can interact comfortably with his cat. The third level is usable as a coffee table or as a counter.
The shell is designed in white acrylic stone (natural stone + acrylic resin) but it is achievable in any other plastic material. The molded acrylic stone, helps the Design to be revealed through strange, unusual, dynamic and sinuous shapes that evoke futuristic scenarios through organic and complex objects. The side plates "panoramic windows" are in plexiglass with a structural function, with a thickness of 1 cm to give greater support to the shell. The colour proposed for the side plates is the blue because the cat is able to perceive only two ranges of colors:(blues and greens).
The shape, design and materials proposed, provide protection from the weather (if the use is for outdoors) as well as easy cleaning and maintenance.

With Arch. Lapo Pazzaglini